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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Just kidding—it’s business tax preparation season.

With mere months to go, you’ve got taxes on the brain. Perhaps you’re not sleeping well because your old tax guy overstated your tax deductions and got your business audited, or maybe you’re struggling to find the receipts that you swear you put in that one manila folder you can’t find now . . .

Don’t sweat it another minute.

Rather, get behind it now and start looking for a small business tax prep service that can handle the work for you. The right people will ensure your taxes get filed on time—and properly.

Keep reading as we highlight three tips for starting your search.

1. Look for a Full-Service Business

Are you currently paying your accountant to file your taxes?

If so, they’re probably making you pay more than your fair share. Additionally, it’s likely they’re not able to help you beyond this initial scope. For example, if your business needs tax consulting or a tax analysis, you’d have to hire an extra person, spend even more money.

The right tax service will improve your business because they’re a one-stop shop, allowing you to keep executive overhead low. You’ll be able to hire one team to do everything, rather than several individual entities. The ideal company can provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Monthly accounting
  • Tax prep, planning, and consulting
  • Asset protection
  • Wealth management
  • Business clean-up, i.e., correcting tax mistakes

2. Check Their Reputation

Before you hire a business tax prep service, be sure to audit their reputation first (pun intended).

What do other businesses have to say about the quality of their work? Do they have any local awards? Are there testimonials or online reviews you can check? What about extra certifications that highlight a strong work ethic?

This step can be as simple as Googling their name, checking their page, asking other businesses who have used their services, or scheduling a consultation.

Sterling Tax & Accounting has won several awards in their community, from 2021’s Silver Medal winner for Best of SRQ to one of Hubdoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants in 2018. We’re also Plooto-, Bill.com-, and Quickbooks-certified, as well as partners with Gusto and Hubdoc.

These partnerships and certifications are tangible evidence of an established, authoritative, and reputable business.

3. CPA Certifications Only

Finally, don’t make the mistake of hiring a tax prepper that’s not even CPA-certified.

CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a title that distinguishes a licensed accounting professional from an unlicensed one. Hiring only those with certifications can help protect your interest as a business. It also means the person you’ve hired adheres to a strict Code of Professional Conduct.

At Sterling, you’ll find a handful of CPAs whose mission is to help your business level up.

Business Tax Preparation Got You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Then you know what to do: outsource.

Just as you hire help for IT management, commercial cleaning, or digital marketing, so, too, should you turn to the professionals during tax season. It’s even more imperative to get this step right so you don’t face audits, miss deductions, and more.

You do your job—focusing on your business—and we’ll do ours—tracking your finances.

Click here to see Sterling Tax & Accounting’s various pricing options, which range from full-service accounting to tax prep, tax planning, and beyond.

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