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Are you a solopreneur or startup owner and are still managing all business tasks by yourself?

You probably think you have no choice. You can’t afford salary and benefits for staff members — and because the COVID-19 pandemic is so unpredictable for business owners, you likely don’t want to spend the extra cash.

Fortunately, you’re not the only business in this scenario. But other business owners outsource to a third party. In fact, 59% of businesses say they outsource to cut costs and save money.

If you want to outsource services, here are 4 roles that are perfect for outsourcing.

1. HR

If your business still has employees, you’ll need the proper resources to manage your staff and their pay. Does that mean you also need to hire a full-time HR specialist? HR is a popular outsourced business function.

There are many resources to outsource your HR. An outsourced HR team can handle all proper functions: hiring, benefits management, onboarding, and more. Some platforms also offer consulting services to ensure you have excellent risk management and comply with employment laws.

Most outsourced HR platforms are made specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, so they likely offer a solution for you at a price range that you can afford.

2. Financial

Even the smallest of businesses require a variety of financial processes. Proper bookkeeping and accounting ensure that you’re making sales while not investing more than you earn.

But do you need a full-time accountant? Unless your cash flow becomes extremely large, most businesses only need outsourced financial teams.

The best part? An outsourced accountant can help with a variety of other roles, such as tax preparation. So you receive all financial needs in one place.

3. Customer Service

Your customers are everything to your business, which is why you deserve to have the best customer service team. But there are many customer service channels out there and you probably don’t think you can hire a big enough team to manage all channels, nor the resources for delegating tasks.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about hiring a customer communication team. There are different companies that specialize in outsourcing customer service. You’ll be able to maximize efficiencies by saving on wages and different communication platforms while receiving a well-trained team.

These companies specialize in essential tasks such as help desk, support ticket management, live chat, emails, and there are also customer service platforms that specialize in social media communications.

4. Marketing

With the serious competition out there, marketing is more important than anything. Thankfully, there are many marketing companies that can handle this specialized skill for you.

Most marketing agencies offer all resources in one package, such as content marketing, email marketing, advertising, social media marketing, and web design. However, you can find agencies that specialize in specific tasks.

Outsource Services to Become a Stronger Business

When you outsource services, you cover your basis and become a better-functioning business. Out of all of these tasks, financial outsourcing is one of the most integral.

We offer all essential services, such as bookkeeping and tax preparation. Take a look at our services.