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Did you know that outsource service spending is around $131 billion per year? Many companies are realizing the flexibility and cost of outsourcing make a lot of sense. But did you know how controller services, in particular, can help your business?

From staffing to scaling, we can help. Read on as we discuss the benefits of controller services for your business.

1. Expertise on Demand

Finding your own controller will be a lengthy process. You have to interview multiple candidates, checking they have the right expertise for the position.

Some controllers may not have formal qualifications but are extremely knowledgeable. Others may be freshly graduated, but lack experience. Even the most experienced practitioners may have been in a company for a long time without training, meaning they are not up to date on current practice.

When outsourcing business controller services, workers will have all three of these. Formal qualifications, modern training and experience will all be at your disposal.

2. Staffing

When you hire in-house financial control services, you are bound by the actions of that person. If they go on holiday or fall ill, you are down one controller. If they leave, you have to undergo the whole recruitment process again.

By outsourcing services, this is never a problem. If your regular controller falls ill or leaves the company, another steps up immediately to take their place. This takes place with a smooth handover process, so details are not missed.

3. Fast Reporting

With outsourced controller services, any type of report you may be asked for can be produced quickly and efficiently. Each business will need different month-end reports. If you need more in-depth reporting, you may need breakdowns of different areas of profitability, all to help the CEO make the right, cost-effective decisions.

It is probable you may get asked for these reports with a fast turnaround. If your in-house controller is not sure how to produce them or is away on holiday, then you are left with a problem.

4. Policy Making

The month-end report is much easier to produce when policies and procedures are in place and followed. Data is recorded throughout the month, making it easier to collate went the month-end report comes.

Outsourced financial control services will ensure that these policies and procedures are in place and followed. This will ensure nothing is left out or missed during the end-of-month report.

5. It Can Help Scale Your Business

If your business begins to expand, outsourced controller services can offer flexibility. You may need short-term assistance with controller services, without wanting to add a permanent member of staff. Outsourcing can help supplement your workforce while you concentrate on making the business bigger than ever.

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