Frequently Asked Questions

What is tax planning, and why is it important for small businesses?

Tax planning is an integral part of saving money for any small business. It can do a lot in terms of improving cash flow and increasing overall profitability.

What are some effective tax-saving strategies that small businesses can use?

A good rule of thumb is always keeping track of everything you can write off for your small business. These include travel expenses, keeping track of business losses, and deducting assets for charities and the like.

What is an outsourced bookkeeping company, and how can it benefit small businesses?

An outsourced bookkeeping company is a professional accountant or firm who handles the bookkeeping for your business. Hiring an outsourced bookkeeping company can reduce overall expenses and ensure that all financial transactions are well-recorded.

What are virtual CFO services, and how can they help small businesses?

A virtual CFO can provide expert financial advice to a business and help guide them on what steps to take when navigating the business world. Quality, unbiased advice is essential, especially if you’re worried that your own judgment might be clouded because of how close you are to the business.

What are the benefits of working with certified public accountants?

Certified public accountants are highly qualified individuals who can deliver a carefully structured tax plan that outlines exactly how you can best save money and deliver the right numbers to the right people. CPAs are known for their overall professionalism and a high degree of skill.