As you begin to receive a flurry of tax related documents, make a habit of scanning those items into a secure folder on your computer or a “cloud” application like DropBox, Google, or other secure storage provider. Going paperless with your tax documents not only is good for the environment, but also allows more flexibility with filing systems and access to documents. We recommend that you check the quality of the scanned document and continue to keep your records “in a legible, readable format”, as required by the IRS for both paper and digital records.

Sterling Tax & Accounting provides secure ease of access and permanent storage for your Tax Returns via SmartVault. As an added client benefit, securely sharing your tax documents with us using SmartVault has never been easier and is a great alternative to email or paper copies. Uploading your files is as simple as scanning with one click, or drag and drop your files in and share them from any web browser or smartphone. With bank-level AES-256 bit encryption and granular user permissions, only you and your Sterling Accountant has access to your shared documents and tax returns.