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Fall is here! What’s a better combination than pumpkin spice and tax planning?

How about increasing your cash flow AND reducing tax liability? Ah, now that’s a better fall combination!

Business owners often wait until year end to really focus on taxes, but that inevitably leads to missing out on significant tax savings.

That’s why Sterling Tax & Accounting is hard at work focusing on tax planning efforts to keep more money in your pocket. The proactive nature of tax planning today, makes for a more lucrative tomorrow.

Tax Planning Considerations:

  • Are you up to date on new tax laws that affect you and your business?
  • Did you have significant investment income and/or gains from selling investment assets?
  • Are you maximizing tax-advantaged retirement savings?
  • Did you buy or sell a home? Or perhaps a rental home?
  • Did you refinance or take out a second mortgage?
  • Did you make any retirement account withdrawals, planned or unplanned?
  • Are your RMDs on track (age 70.5 or older)?
  • Did you make any significant equipment purchases for your business?
  • Are you planning to purchase or lease a business vehicle?
  • Have you hired your kids?
  • What does your work setting look like? Do you work from home in an office, traditional work space, or hybrid?
  • Did you buy or sell a business, or are you planning to?
  • Have you properly documented charitable contributions?
  • Did you have a substantial increase or decrease in income?
  • Have you made all of your estimated tax payments?
  • Is your entity being properly used to lower your taxes?

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to items consider BEFORE the end of the year. We have the experience and expertise to execute on a tax plan to avoid costly mistakes and take advantage of money-saving strategies.

Let’s chat! Set up some time to talk with one of our tax planning professionals today!

How we can help

Sterling Tax and Accounting is here to help your business with tax planning! Our comprehensive approach to tax planning helps reduce your overall tax liability and keep more money in your pocket. If all your accountant does is file your taxes, chances are they are making you pay more than your fair share of taxes.

Learn how to proactively save on taxes by scheduling a call with our tax planning specialists.

Our tax planning, accounting & business services help you stay on track. Sterling Tax & Accounting will work with you to optimize your business and minimize your taxes. We will work to provide you and your business with the tools and resources you need to build a solid tax and business foundation. We’re a trusted CPA Firm in Sarasota, Florida. We serve clients all over the US, and proactively work to minimize their taxes.

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