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What if the worst day of the year got even worse?

For many, nothing is more annoying than paying taxes. But if you’re not careful when you pay, you might end up getting audited. This isn’t limited to the wealthy, and having less money makes you five times likelier to get audited!

A tax professional can help you both file and avoid audits. But do you need a tax attorney or a CPA? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the difference between a tax attorney vs CPA! 

Tax Attorney vs CPA: What’s the Main Difference?

The primary difference between a tax attorney vs CPA is that a tax attorney helps you with tax law issues and a CPA helps you to file your taxes.

What is a CPA? This is an acronym that stands for Certified Public Accountant.

Under normal circumstances, you would hire a CPA if you wanted help preparing your taxes and limiting your legal liability. When you hire the best CPA, you have a trained financial advisor in your corner.

What is a tax attorney? This is a legal expert who specializes in tax-related issues.

Tax attorneys help you if something goes wrong. For example, if you are dealing with unpaid back taxes or other legal issues, an attorney can help mediate things between you and the IRS.

What Does a Tax Attorney Handle?

Tax attorneys can help negotiate a settlement between you and the IRS and can defend you in court if necessary. These attorneys also help maintain documentation of your tax issues and can use their extensive tax knowledge to help you avoid legal hurdles while saving money.

When it comes to tax attorney tips, we recommend you find a solid local expert. After all, you need someone you can trust when it comes to dealing with the government.

What Does a CPA Handle?

Outside of tax season, a CPA can provide financial reports for individuals and businesses and provide top-notch bookkeeping. CPAs can also help you maximize deductions on your taxes. Finally, CPAs are great when it comes to estate planning and other long-term financial or tax issues.

Ahead of tax season, many rely on CPAs each year to find the best deductions and ensure accurate tax filing. To these individuals, the cost to hire a CPA is worth it, especially to reduce the risk of an audit.

For the most part, the best CPA can serve as an all-around financial guru. If you run a business, you will likely need a CPA to help with bookkeeping and other financial needs. Otherwise, losing control of your finances could quickly lead to losing control of your company!

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