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Did you know that 60 percent of business owners don’t understand how to take care of their accounts receivable? If you want your business to survive, it’s essential to have a consistent invoicing and collections process.

One option is to outsource your accounts receivables to a professional team. Here are some of the main benefits you will discover.

Consistent Professional Invoices

There are a lot of invoicing details you can use to your advantage to improve collections and cash flow. Outsourcing your accounts receivable invoicing in Sarasota, FL, allows you to work with experts. They know how to create the best invoices for your business.

Use pay methods that suit your customer’s payment preferences to make it easier for them to pay. Standardizing the information presented on your bills can help. Setting specific due dates can streamline processing.

Hiring someone to take care of processing customer refunds will save you time. Prompt refunds will improve your customer service levels. This encourages repeat business.

Streamlined Collections Processes

You won’t need to create a collections process if you hire someone with experience. They will customize an accounts receivable solution to meet your needs.

They’ll follow up on outstanding customer invoices and reconcile accounts. When you follow up on unpaid invoices, your customers will know to pay their bills on time in the future.

It’s Affordable to Outsource

Some business owners are reluctant to outsource accounting tasks because of the cost. You’ll need to hire an experienced bookkeeper if you do the work in-house.

You’ll also have to provide them with an office and a computer. There are employee benefits to consider and workers’ compensation insurance costs.

Sterling Tax and Accounting can provide affordable accounting services at a fixed monthly fee. That allows you to use our services without worrying about the hourly cost. It’s much more affordable to access our skilled team when you need them.

Improve Your Billing Strategies

Experts know how to encourage your customers to pay their bills on time. Offering early payment discounts is a great technique to encourage early payments.

Using discounts can improve your cash flow and allow you to reduce your use of debt. Once your customers are in the habit of paying your invoices early, they will likely continue.

Learn About Best Practices

Accountants can help you set standard contract terms that suit your operational needs. They have the experience to provide an overview of your accounts receivable workflow. They will also find ways to streamline your processes.

They will also review the process you use to approve credit. A risk evaluation strategy can improve the quality of your customer base. An updated credit policy can be invaluable to your collections process.

Streamline Your Accounts Receivables

Outsourcing your accounts receivables in Sarasota, FL, is easy if you find the right team. We provide year-round support to help you maximize your cash flow and build your business.

Get in touch with the professionals at Sterling Tax and Accounting today. We will track your finances so you can focus on your business.

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