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Optimal Growth with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services and Strategic Support

The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can range from $120,000 to over $200,000 per year plus bonuses and benefits. Our Virtual CFO services provide you with the experienced strategic support you need, at an affordable fixed cost.

Elevate Your Business Health with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services

Virtual CFO Services

What does a Controller do?

  • Design financial ecosystems and accounting workflow
  • Implement multiple integrated accounting processes
  • Maximize and support staff performing accounting duties
  • Manage accounting systems and workload
  • Recruit, hire, background check, and train accounting staff
  • Attend Accounting Technology conferences
  • Maintain accounting certifications and continuing education
  • Give you peace of mind and freedom to focus on your business
  • Review and close accounting periods so company officers can evaluate the financial performance of the business and make informed decisions

Top 10 Tax Strategies with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services

Effortless Tax Planning with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services. Expand Your Business Focus, Reduce Tax Liability, and Unburden Your Responsibilities. Explore Expert Virtual CFO Services Today.

Initiate Tax Savings with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services – Explore Our Top 10 Tax Strategies to Optimize Your Finances and Minimize Tax Liability. Take the First Step Toward Smarter Financial Planning Today.

Achieve Your Business Goals with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services

Elevate Your Business with Sarasota Virtual CFO Services. Expert Guidance in Achieving Operational, Strategic, and Financial Goals. Let Our Virtual CFO Services Drive Your Success.

As businesses expand, financial complexities grow, demanding expert guidance. Sterling Tax & Accounting delivers tailored Sarasota virtual CFO services, addressing these needs. Access experienced financial strategists for informed decision-making. Our virtual CFOs offer extensive financial management expertise, devising strategies aligned with your objectives. Outsourcing CFO services to us ensures top-notch guidance while optimizing costs for your business.

Experience Comprehensive Sarasota Virtual CFO Services designed to optimize your financial strategies. Our virtual CFOs excel in financial analysis, reporting, and insightful consultations, ensuring a clear understanding of your business’s financial health and trends. From precise budgeting aligned with goals to expert cash flow and risk management, our CFOs provide informed decision-making support. Sterling Tax & Accounting offers top-tier virtual CFO services at an affordable rate, committed to your business success.

Controller & Virtual CFO Services

What Sarasota Virtual CFO Services Can Do for You

  • Develop Internal Controls
  • Prepare budgets and forecasts
  • Dashboard & KPI Reporting
  • Performance Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Compensation Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Offer financial insight and guidance on all company decisions and issues
  • Monitor the financial health and well-being of the business using cloud technology

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Excellent experience with Sterling Tax & Accounting. Everyone in the company has been very helpful, and I depend on their help. Very helpful during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic and navigating the PPP loans. They make my job so much easier, and truly that is why I love this company.

Heidi Garner

Lea and her team have been with me since day one of starting my business and I couldn’t be happier with the services they’ve been able to provide. I can’t put a price on the peace of mind I get from knowing that my payroll, bookkeeping, and tax preparation are in good hands which allows me to focus on the day to day operations of my business. I can’t recommend Sterling Tax & Accounting enough.

Josh Olsen