Tax Resolution Service

Getting a notice in the mail from the IRS typically results in instant anxiety for both individuals and business owners. It can be overwhelming and difficult to attempt to determine where the error or issue occurred, which only increases the anxiety and stress around the situation.

Sterling Tax & Accounting provides tax resolution services to reduce and eliminate the confusion and stress of receiving an IRS notice. We are experts in working with businesses and individuals to resolve tax issues and have the process in place to create a solution to address the tax debt and get you back on track.

Immediate Assistance

Our tax professionals are experts at understanding the issues that would have led to the IRS notice. We also know that responding quickly to these notices provides more options when working with the IRS to address your tax debt.

Our tax resolution services are tailored to your specific needs. The immediate goal is to resolve the current tax concerns, but we also work with you to create practices that prevent or eliminate the risks of finding yourself in the same position in the future.

While it is natural to feel lost and overwhelmed when you receive a notice from the IRS, you are not on your own. Give us a call, and our expert team will provide customized tax resolution services to help you understand your options, represent your interests in communicating with the IRS, and help you resolve your tax related issues.

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