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Hiring an in-house accountant for a medical practice is not always the most cost-effective or feasible option for a small business. At Sterling Tax & Accounting, we offer accounting for medical practice services that save our clients money while providing customized support.

There are several reasons why our outsourced accounting for medical practice services result in measurable cost savings. Recognizing how we can save you money while also customizing accounting for your medical practice is essential to discover why so many clinics, physicians, chiropractors, therapists, and medical practices use our services.

Experienced and Specialized

Our focus is on providing CPAs, bookkeepers, and QuickBooks ProAdvisors with extensive training, experience, and expertise in working with healthcare providers. We also provide a virtual CFO service, which is invaluable in creating a financial plan that accurately reflects the goals of the practice.

Comprehensive Understanding of Applicable Tax Considerations

Medical practice accounting requires specialized knowledge of tax laws as they apply to businesses in the healthcare industry. Our CPAs provide advice and information on how to limit the tax liability of the medical business while also ensuring you are taking advantage of tax credits and programs that benefit your bottom line.

Effectively Plan for the Future

Our CPA team works closely with their clients, ensuring a clear financial plan and path for the practice. Using a proactive approach, we provide the reports your internal team needs to make decisions on forecasting, budgeting, hiring, and managing cash flow to your advantage.

To discuss the benefits of our accounting for medical practice for your medical practice, call us at 941-777-4700 for a free consultation.

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